Countering lifestyle entropy

There is a concept in physics called entropy, that basically seems to be a mathematic representation of cosmic clutter that results from all sorts of universal activity. In physics, we’re told that entropy always increases.

I’m thinking that there must be a sort of lifestyle entropy out there. No matter what I want to do, there’s always a certain amount of complications that get added to our daily routine. Over time, this builds up to the point where I can barely get through a day. Read more

Scientists prove that Dr. Seuss is really funny

A recent study by Chris Westbury and Geoff Hollis of the University of Alberta was titled “Wriggly, squiffy, lummox and boobs: What makes some words funny?” Published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, the researchers shared findings that they have created an algorithm that can predict more accurately than ever how funny most people will find any particular word.

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