Book ideas that will never get published

It may seem like there are a million children’s books out there, but there are an even greater number of proposed books that never see the light of day. Thankfully there are publishing professionals who are willing to make those hard choices so that we parents don’t end up reading any of the following to our kids…

A is for Aphid

A is for Aphid-2

Help your preschooler learn their ABC’s with the most disgusting ABC’s ever. A is for aphid. B is for booger. C is for cockroach. Parents and their little ones will all enjoy reading this beautifully illustrated board book again and again and again. 



Everybody Poops

Everybody Poops-2

Puppies, kittens and bunnies prove that pooping is a beautiful and natural part of life. With adorable animals that everyone would love to cuddle up to and clean up after, this book will help little poopers feel comfortable with their bodily functions. 




A is for Admissions – Ivy League Prep for ToddlersA is for Admission-2

It’s never too early to start thinking about the future. From which board books will help boost their SAT scores to choosing the right preschool, this book will help your little scholar get a head start on their academic career. 




Wall Scribbling for Dummies

Wall Scribbling for Dummies-2

Looking for a creative outlet? It’s all around you! Reflecting the unique and diverse opportunities that surround you every day, Wall Scribbling for Dummies is packed with great tips for making the most out of your first tagging adventures. 




Suck This! The Big Book of Binkies, Pacis, Wubbies and Buttons

Suck This! Big Book of Pacis, Binkies and Buttons-2

If it looks good, put it in your mouth! The world is full of wonderful tastes and textures, and what better way to explore than by sucking on just about anything. Babies love their soothing toys and here is a great way to transfer that affection to books as well.