How to fall asleep

You are in your pajamas. Your teeth are clean. You just heard the end of a story and gave your Mom a hug and kiss goodnight.

It’s time to fall asleep.

But how do you do that?

First step, fluff your pillow. What goes on your pillow? Your elbow? Your feet?


Which direction do you face to fall asleep? Because that never seems to be the way you face when you wake up. What happens in between?

Did you remember to get a drink of water? Is it sitting where you can find it in the dark?

Put Teddy in his place. And Dolly. And Dino. And Monkey. And Kitty. And Elephant. And Birdie.


Where does the blanket go? It must go on your ears. Have you heard how loud your papa snores?

That’s a good place, too. Keeps your farts from getting out.

Okay, one more drink of water. The cup will sit right here next to the bed.

Yes, you have to turn the lights off to sleep. But not all of them.

There’s the night light.

And the flash light.

And if you remember to bring it with you, there’s even the light-up toothbrush.

So, there’s no reason to be afraid of the dark.

But let’s close the closet door just to be extra safe.


Now it’s time to sleep.

Which part of you falls asleep first?

Do your feet go to sleep before your head?

How about your eyes? Does the left one fall asleep before the right one?

Do you fall asleep from the inside out? Or the outside in?

If you put your feet up, will your head fall asleep faster?

Does your hair sleep too? What if it doesn’t? While you are sleeping it stands up and dances in the moonlight.


When you’re dreaming, is that because your eyes are awake while your body is asleep?

And finally…

Why is that at night you don’t want to go to sleep, but in the morning, you don’t want to wake up?


Author’s note:

This was my first experience working with an illustrator. It was exhilarating to see the first sketches! How amazing to get to see on paper images that were only in my head before! The illustrations were done by Sara Murtas, who I found on I’m strongly considering taking this forward and making it into a book.

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  • Did you actually use “farts” in your book? It does address a real.consideration, but I am not sure how comfortable moms will be reading that to their kids. I do like the inclusion of the keeping the smell in, or addressing where it goes. Nice to share what’s natural. I bet the kids giggle when you tell them this story. Love, Grandma

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