Boxing Up on Boxing Day

Welcome to 2019, everybody. I hope you all had very nice holidays.

We had a very nice time.

And then we moved out to the ‘burbs.

Merry Christmas 2018

I am feeling sad about leaving San Francisco. It truly is a magical place, unlike any other that I have ever been. I love walking and taking the BART or the Muni to get to the places I want to go. I love that there are stores on the street level and people living in apartments right above them. I love that there is a website that keeps track of every single tree planted along sidewalks and in the middle of roadways. I love the steep hills and colorful houses that never look the same.

This was a hard decision that seemed sudden but was months in the making.

But I started a new job last summer that is in San Jose. I tried taking the company shuttle to work for several months. It took about two hours each direction to get to and from work, which meant that I would usually step out my door at 7am and walk back in at 7pm. While that time was really useful for getting this blog started, it was a grueling schedule that was tough on both me and my family.

So, goodbye San Francisco, hello San Jose.

Goodbye Miraloma Park

My little ones, Zaza and Roxie were really great about moving. It helped that we have our au pair, Nathi, who could keep them entertained during the heavy packing and moving days.

We stayed in the old house until Christmas was over, so that we could all enjoy a peaceful holiday.

Then, on Boxing Day, it was a whirlwind of emptying dressers and closets, taking down pictures and packing literally everything into boxes. We were like a circus on the day after the last show.


Zaza was super excited to see the gigantic U-Haul truck we rented. Heck, I was excited about it! Once we were in the new house, he and Roxie have been finding fun new places to play. The coat closet was a time machine for several days, and there will probably always be a pile of toys at the bottom of the stairs due to how much fun it is to drop things over the banister from above.

The kids seem to have adjusted better to the move than I have. I’m still disoriented and feeling like I have no idea where anything is, and they are acting like it’s Christmas all over again every time another box of toys gets unpacked.

This was one time where I feel like I actually managed to do things right to help make it an easy transition for our kids. Here are a few things that probably helped prepare them for it:

  • I took them with me to pick up the keys from the landlord. They got to run around the house when it was totally empty.
  • After that, we went and played at the nearest playground to the new house
  • In the couple of weeks between then and the actual move, we talked about stuff that we would be able to do at the new house.
  • We sort of implied they would get a bunk bed at the new house. Now I have to make good on that. Ikea delivery better be on time this Friday!
Sharks and fish sticks in the new house

We’ve been in the new house for about one week, and I know things are going to be okay. On Saturday, my son said to me, “I like our new house.”

“I’m really glad to hear that,” I said. “What do you like about it?”

“The water smells minty,” was the answer.

Then he led me over to the kitchen sink and had me turn on the water. Sure enough, it did smell faintly of peppermint. Go figure.