Parenting Milestones

This past weekend I passed a major parenting milestone: my partner and I left the kids at home for TWO WHOLE NIGHTS! What did we do with our new-found freedom? Answer: Sleep, mostly.

Here is the official list of parenting milestones:

  1. Get pregnant (Optional)
  2. First doctor appointment (Optional)
  3. First sonogram (Optional)
  4. Choosing a name
  5. Having a baby (Optional)
  6. First diaper
  7. First feeding
  8. Mastering the swaddle
  9. Bringing baby home
  10. First night with baby at home
  11. First bath
  12. First well baby check
  13. First vaccines (Not Optional)
  14. First diaper rash
  15. First fever
  16. Joining a mommy group
  17. First visit to playground
  18. First night the baby sleeps all night (Optional)
  19. First unnecessary trip to ER after falling off a sidewalk curb
  20. First food
  21. First rolling over
  22. First sitting up
  23. First babysitter
  24. First evening out without kids
  25. First day back at work
  26. First steps
  27. Last time using bathroom alone
  28. First climbing out of crib
  29. Last dinner in a nice restaurant
  30. First word
  31. First swear word
  32. First sibling
  33. First swim
  34. First trip to the zoo
  35. First trip to the library
  36. First trip to the beach
  37. First trip on an airplane with baby
  38. First trip to major amusement park
  39. First time using the potty
  40. First time going away for the weekend without the kids

To celebrate my partner’s recent birthday we booked a hotel in Monterey, CA, which is about a 2.5 hour drive from San Fran. Fans of Finding Dory will recognize it as the home of the Monterey Bay Aquarium – the model of the Marine Life Institute which features prominently in that film.

There’s a scene in the movie Hotel Transylvania 3 in which two werewolf parents drop off their massive brood of pups at the kids club on board a cruise ship. Then they stand alone outside the doors with stunned looks on their faces repeating, “We can do anything we want. We can do anything we want.”

We felt exactly like that.

It was a perfect weekend: good weather, a fun visit with friends, amazing whale watching, enchanting wildlife and coastal scenery.

But the highlight was definitely getting to sleep all night without interruption and wake up later than 7am. Sleeping was so much fun that after our whale watching, we went and took a 3 hour nap. By Monday afternoon, we were cheerful again and eager to see our little kiddos. After an easy dinner, everyone went to bed on time, without a fuss.

So magical.

Then… around 11:30pm… “MOOOMMMMYYY!”