Following Authors on Amazon

Have you ever noticed the tiny little “Follow” button on Amazon book pages? I suspect not many people have. Here is how to find and use it.

Now that I am planning to publish on my own picture book, I have been combing through all the different parts of Amazon to make sure I am not missing any important marketing opportunities. In doing so, I have found a few interesting ways to interact with the site that I was never aware of before.

Follow button

One tool that I have been using is the “Follow” button that you will often see right under the widget where you can see inside preview of different books.  This is mostly a useful tool for readers. When you click on the “Follow” button, a little pop-up will show you three more authors who are similar. This is great for discovering new authors to read.




Your Followers

Once you are following an author, it is really hard to find your list of followed authors.

1. When you are logged into Amazon, roll over “Accounts and Lists” and then click on “Your Account.”


2. On your account page, in the upper left-hand region it says your first name and then Account. Mine says this, for example: “Leslie’s Account.” Click on that.


3. You’ll get a new sub-menu, click on the option that says “Your Profile.”

4. On your profile page, scroll down a little and one of the sections is “Who You Follow”. There will be four circles, three of which have the headshot thumbnails of authors you are following and the fourth will have a + and then the number of the total you are following. Click on that circle.


Your Follow Updates

Now you are finally at the point where the follows can be useful. When you click on “Your Follow updates,” you get a news feed of all the items released by the authors you are following. This is kind of neat if you are a super-fan of a particular author. For example, I am excited to see the Tomie DePaola has a new book out called “Quiet.” I’m already eager to check it out.

One interesting thing to see here is the cadence that different authors release products. I wouldn’t say the release of books, because looking at this list you can see that some authors are doing a good job of extending their brands with ancillary items like stickers and activity books.

Discover More to Follow

The other useful tool is “Discover More to Follow.” As mentioned before, if you liked the books of one author, this can help find more in a similar vein. I’m not sure how robust this recommendation engine is yet though. I still have to play with it some more.

It would be really cool if the author pages had space to share more than just announcements about newly released works. At the very least they could easily add a way to share a Twitter or Instagram feed. But my favorite idea is: wouldn’t it great if there was a Q and A section where fans could talk directly to their author?

Have you found any cool corner of Amazon that you find neat but obscure? I’d love to hear about it! Please share in the comments.